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Spa Orchids

About Us

As our name suggests, OMI Naturals prides itself on using ingredients gifted to us by nature. All the products in our collection are formulated using natural and organic ingredients that deliver real results. Products are never tested on animals and are created 100% cruelty free and vegan. With a unique understanding of the health and beauty industry, OMI Naturals enhanced personal care lines of hair care products, body butters, lotions, body scrubs, bath and shower gels, bubble bath, body oils, bath salts, bath bombs, soaps and lip balms, provides a natural alternative, containing no synthetic ingredients or harmful chemicals. We expertly design products suitable for all skin types and take pride in knowing that our customers receive quality every time!

At OMI Naturals our commitment to integrity calls for us to deliver products that are safe and healthy for you and your entire family. Knowing this truth, you can shop with absolute confidence that we would not sell you a product which we have not used ourselves.


Our mission is to bring the best in personal care products using only the finest natural and organic ingredients that are environmentally sustainable.


OMI Naturals will consistently maintain high standards in the quality and purity of its product offerings. These products will be natural and organic, environmentally friendly, void of animal testing, completely cruelty free and vegan friendly, while delivering customers with exceptional quality.